Report Button

Report Button

What is the report button?
The “Report” button, located next to Seller Reviews, is a safety measure. It is a quick and simple way of alerting the noon team regarding any inappropriate and offensive content online. However, these escalations will not affect the validity of a seller rating. All seller reviews must follow noon’s Community Guidelines and Seller Review Guidelines. Any content that goes against these guidelines is subject to removal.

Who can participate?
Any noon customer can submit a report regardless if they have made a purchase or not. However, for the report to go through, customers are required to sign in to their accounts.

How to submit a report?
Once you have signed in to your account, simply click on the “Report” button which will take you to the pop-up page below.


Select the appropriate option for the comment that you are reporting and then click on “Report Review”. If your report has been submitted successfully, you will receive a success message and an email confirming the submission.

What is eligible for removal?

There are three major categories that the “Report” function covers.

1. Language
This includes unsupported and obscene language. Reviews that contains one of the following could be eligible for removal:

  • Unsupported or unintelligible language
  • Profanity
  • Repetitive text, spam, or symbols
  • Fraudulent schemes
  • Promotional content about a noon competitor
  • External link
  • Question

2. Personal Information
This includes seller or customer-specific personally identifiable information. Reviews that contains one of the following could be eligible for removal:

  • Personal details such as email addresses, full names, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Customer-specific personally identifiable information

3. Harmful Content 
The feedback includes harassment, hate speech, sexual content or promotion of illegal activities that can harm the user safety of the platform. Reviews that contains one of the following could be eligible for removal:

  • Harassment
  • Hate speech
  • Sexual content
  • Promotion/encouragement of illegal activities

After we receive your report, we'll investigate and take appropriate action.

That’s it! Got questions? Reach out to

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